Deans Message

Dear Students,

The Faculty of Humanities prepares specialists in the fields of English language and literature, translation and translation studies, journalism, psychology, psychological and pedagogical consultation and assistance. While studying at our faculty, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also acquire practical skills through skillfully planned study programs. Our faculty prepares specialists who are ready to work both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad.

Our programs are prepared in accordance with state standards and developed on the basis of a student-centered education, as well as through cooperation with employers and other educational institutions. We, with our enthusiastic foreign and local teachers, set ourselves the goal of preparing a person who lives in harmony with society and respects global values. The professors and teachers of the faculty have received degrees from various programs both in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. I can say with confidence that while studying at our faculty
you will develop the potential of a capable person and a skilled professional. We, students, faculty and faculty administrators, do everything in our power to contribute to our society and beyond. I wish you enjoy your student years and prepare yourself for your future professions.

Ibrahim Konjak