Welcome to AIU, Applicant 2020 !!!

July 15, 2020

Dear applicants!

First of all, we congratulate you on your graduation!
Now on your way you have a difficult and at the same time, fateful choice:
“What I wanted to be?”, “Which university is best for me?” “How not to be mistaken in choosing a profession?”
In Kyrgyzstan you’ll find a large variety of universities and  at Ala-Too International University we are ready to help you answer to all your questions!
Entrust your  future  to us and we will open for you window to the world!

You can choose one of the four faculties, with the opportunity to get the most modern profession by world standards (the course of training - 4 years):

Faculty of Engineering and Informatics:
1) Computer science and computer engineering;
2) Applied mathematics and informatics;
3) Quality management;
4) Electronics and robotic technology.

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences:
1) Management;
2) International relations;
3) Finance and credit;
4) International economics and  business;
5) Jurisprudence.

Faculty of Social Sciences:
1) Philology;
2) Linguistics;
3) Psychology;
4) Pedagogy;
5) Journalism.

Faculty of Medicine:
1) General medicine;
2) Pediatrics


Admission to the bachelor programs of Ala-Too International University is carried out according to the results of the Republic-wide Testing (ORT). There are no entrance tests. To register for all departments of the AIU, a passing grade in ORT is requested (110 points). Additional subjects are requested from applicants who wants to get  a bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Medicine (chemistry – at least 60  points, biology- at least 60 points).

AIU applies a fee-based form of training and state-funded places are not provided.
For more detailed information about  tuition fees at the faculties of AIU, please click here: http://www.alatoo.edu.kg/view/public/pages/page.xhtml?id=8673


However, the vast majority of students study at a discount, because we provide financial support for education fee from 5% to 100%. Here you find a list of discounts:


List of documents for entering the undergraduate program of AIU:

1) Passport (original + copy);
2) Republic-wide testing (ORT) certificate (original + copy);
3) Certificate on secondary education (original + copy);
4) Photo (3* 4 cm) – 6 pc.;
5) Copy of the military registration card or copy of the liberate military  (for boys);
6) Initial payment in the amount of 30% from the total sum of tuition fees;



Ala-Too International University English Proficiency Test (AIU EPT)

As is well known, teaching at AIU is held in English. General subjects are taught in the state and official languages. In order to study in the 1st year, an applicant must know English at the Intermediate level. After registration at the university, all applicants take part in the AIU EPT, which consists of 5 parts:

1. Vocabulary;

2. Grammar;

3. Reading;

4. Listening;

5. Writing.


Students who receive 60% out of 100% result are transferred to the first year of the programs for which they entered and study on this program for four years. Otherwise, students enter the Foundation Course, where they intensively study English with native speakers. For them, the course of training will be five years.

It should be noted that the AIU EPT is not an entrance test. Thanks to this test, we identify the student’s English language profiency and distribute them according to their levels.
Applicants with original TOEFL certificates (IBT-60 points), IELTS (6.0 points) can provide a copy of this certificates and can be automatically enrolled in the first course of the AIU  without participating in the AIU EPT.

Admission of applicants will begin according to the schedule of the admissions committee at the address: Bishkek city, Tunguch micro district, Ankara str. 1/10 (inters. Ch.Valikhanov St.).

To ask questions, as well as get a consultation, please call +996 (555) 820000 (W / App)


For those who, for certain reasons, cannot attend university and study in full-time, our International Distance Learning Center  offers five programs with the opportunity to receive a quality education remotely (the course of training is 5 years):
1) Management;
2) Pedagogy;
3) Economics (Finance and credit);
4) Economics (Accounting, analysis and audit);
5) Economics (International business and economics).


Vocational education for students of grades 9-11 at Ala-Too International University

Also, Ala-Too International University provides an opportunity for graduates of grades 9-11 to receive secondary specialized education at IT & Business College (course of training is 3 years) in the following areas:

1) Economics and accounting;
2) Marketing;
3) Software for computer technology and automated systems (POVTAS);
4) Computer systems and complexes;
5) Design (Computer and  graphical);
6) Foreign language (foreign language teacher)

We note that applicants who do not received passing grades in ORT can study at our college and after graduation enter the second year of a bachelor program without ORT!

Admission to IT & Business College of Ala-Too International University is based on the results of the entrance exam (mathematics, English). In 2020, under the conditions of the emergency situation in Kyrgyzstan, the entrance exam to our college will be carried out online, on a case-by-case basis. To register for the exam, go to >>> Application

Attention! You must enter the correct data (phone number and e-mail), because Further information will be sent to these details.

After passing the exam, a college employee will contact the applicant and explain the next steps.

The tuition fees in the programs of our college is $ 1,500 per year. Many programs have a special discount. For more information about discounts, please call +996 (555) 820000.

From June 1, 2020, IT & Business College accepts applicants for secondary vocational education. The admissions committee advises and accepts applicants and their parents at the address: Bishkek city, Tunguch micro istrict, Ankara str. 1/10

(inters. Ch. Valikhanov St.).

You can ask questions or get advice by calling:
+996 (551) 505477, +996 (703) 943440.


List of documents for admission to IT & Business College:
1) Birth certificate / passport (original and copy);
2) Certificate of completion of basic general education (for 9th grade) / certificate (for 11th grade);
3) 086 / U form Medical certificate, with a flu orographic radiographs;
4) 30% of the total value of the contract.


If you have additional questions, please contact us by phone:
Bachelor: +996 (555) 820000
IT & Business College: +996 (551) 505477, +996 (703) 943440


Master’s degree program of AIU


Master’s degree program is the second stage of higher professional education after undergraduate, which allows you to deepen professional knowledge and skills in the chosen specialty. The importance of studying in a master’s degree program is explained by the fact that, in contrast to the undergraduate program, which mainly forms the basic competencies of students, graduate education is aimed at developing professional, specialized competencies that allow graduates to successfully solve complex professional issues.

The main language of training is English, courses  can also be taught in Turkish, Kyrgyz and Russian. The faculty consists of highly qualified specialists: professors, doctors and candidates of sciences, associate professors from abroad and from Kyrgyzstan.

1. Informatics and computer engineering - 710100
2. Philology (Turkology) - 531000
3. Management - 580200
4. Pedagogy - 550700
5. Economics - 580100
6. Linguistics - 531100
7. International relations - 530800

Documents for admission to the master’s degree program

• Statement
• The original of the bachelor’s (specialist)  diploma with the statement of the academic record
• Copy of the diploma supplement
• 2 photos 3x4
• Copy of passport (original for inspection)
• Agreement
• Personal registration sheet

Documents for admission to the master’s degree program of the Ala-Too International University are accepted from July 1 to October 1, 2020, at the address: Bishkek city, Tunguch microdistrict, Ankara st. 1/8

Tel                  : +996312631425
Fax                 : +996312630409
Website         : www.alatoo.edu.kg


PhD / Post-Graduate School of AIU


Postgraduate study is the highest stage of professional education after a specialist or master's degree, which allows you to deepen professional knowledge and skills on the chosen topic.

The postgraduate study combines the basic competencies of a master or specialist, allowing you to develop highly specialized scientific disciplines of a candidate of science or PhD, under direction of a supervisor of studies on a fixed topic.

In 2018, the Department of Science was established, which supervises the work of the Graduate School. To date, admission is carried out for the following specialties:

1. Turkic languages - 10.02.06
2. Economic theory - 08.00.01
3. Economics and national economy management - 08.00.05
4. Comparative - historical, typological and comparative linguistics - 02/10/20
5. General pedagogy, the history of pedagogy and education - 13.00.01
6. Social philosophy - 09.00.11
7. History and theory of culture - 24.00.01


The course of training is 3 years.

Documents for admission to graduate school:
1. Statement
2. Protocol on the consideration of the university, the department of graduate school
3. Personal registration sheet
4. Autobiography
5. Characteristic
6. Copy of the certificate of completion of university studies
7. Copy of the diploma supplement
8. Copy of passport
9. Translation of the passport into Russian, certified by a notary or a certified translation company
10. Abstract or list of published works, information on inventions
11. Photo cards 4x6 -1 pc. 3x4 - 2pcs.
12. Copy of the work book (copy with seal)
13. № 3.2 form Certificate of postgraduate examinations
14. Agreement
15. Medical certificate (form No. 86)
16. Protocols for passing state exams for graduate students


Documents for admission to graduate school of Ala-too International University are accepted from August 1 to November 1, 2020, at the address: Bishkek city, Tunguch microdistrict, Ankara str. 1/8.

Tel                  : +996312631425
Fax                 : +996312630409
Website         : www.alatoo.edu.kg



International student and teacher exchange programs

The International Office of the AIU is the “calling card” of our university. In its nearly ten-year history, several hundred students and teachers of AIU have traveled the world through various exchange programs, because AIU cooperates with 75 universities from 25 countries of the world!

You can find details about in which countries we have partner universities here:


Also, all information on our programs, student achievements, teaching staff and study programs is available free on our website www.alatoo.edu.kg

And, at the end ...

On behalf of the Administration of Ala-Too International University, we wish you, dear applicants, good luck, success, inspiration and happiness! Let your choice be a great success for you and you will find yourself in a professional life!
See you at Ala-Too International University!